Increase your professional impact

With your first Climate & Communication Coaching

Your goals, your development

You've come to the right place if you want to improve your communication skills, if you want your language to inspire, convince and engage other people even more.

Whether it's about the long-term preparation of your professional career, the targeted focus on an important occasion such as a lecture, a keynote or similar - your Climate & Communication Session will bring you further, and thus our planet. As a society, we no longer have time for blah blah blah, we need to take action every day - which is always preceded by well thought out and chosen words.

Enhance your communication skills and become a leader in climate action. The more you improve your language excellence, the more your impact grows.

Success-oriented coaching: change of thinking in minutes instead of hours

Our coaching sessions are short and crisp - and if possible organized as walking conversations. Means: One session, 25 minutes. You wouldn't believe how much can change in 25 minutes ... that's what Winston Churchill said, at least in the Netflix series The Crown. For me, as half British, I really like this Churchill quote and have come to know and appreciate the quality of time-compressed calls. I'd rather have them more often than long blockers in my diary where my mailbox is overflowing.

Whether in business or coaching: always with results.

Methodically, the coaching sessions are built up according to your current needs - with me as your guide on the way to your aha-effects and insights for more clarity. All my professional and educational experience as a business executive and management coach as well as a climate biodiversity coach will focus solely on you and your issues when we work together.

Coaching means gaining knowledge. Your personal win - invaluable.

Climate & Communication Coaching – relevant for you?

  • For team leaders from industries and companies developing solutions to stop climate change
  • For bright minds , who are on a career leap
  • For those who want to keep reminding themselves on the job: What counts is action, not self-promotion
  • For ambitious people who want to position themselves better in meetings
Melanie Peschel bei einem Meeting.

Your excellence - for less blah-blah in meetings

We have worked for decades to improve the performance of our business. Now it's time to improve the performance of our solutions. Solutions that are gladly made for all of us as customers, but at the same time do not harm the climate and do not push the planetary boundaries any further. That means rethinking and daring to speak plainly. Diplomacy is good, clarity is better. Anyone and everyone can do that.

With coaching support, your competence grows to take a clearer stand.

Melanie Peschel steht vor einem Bild eines großen Auges.

Your agenda & your progress the focus of the conversation

Now it's your turn! Arrange a spontaneous get-to-know-you call with me - I've reserved a few dates in my calendar for ambitious people like you. If you can't find a suitable appointment slot, write me directly at - even then we'll find a good option for the first and for you free exchange.

Diplomacy is good, clarity is better: How well sharpened are your senses for precise clarity in dialogue?

Climate & Communication Coaching 


A term not invented by me, but coined by international coaches in recent years. Why the climate crisis and coaching are an inseparable pair? This is explained in detail by my role model Charly Cox in her wonderful textbook "Climate Change Coaching", and summarized in brevity by me in my own words:

Climate protection is an act of diplomacy, of successful dialogs, of compromises. Language is the key to change.

For more on these topics, check out my podcast "Future Talks" starting with Season 2, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts und directly hier.

Long To Do lists vs. impact 

Do you know this too? On the one hand, the To Do list is getting longer and longer, the number of meetings is growing. On the other hand you ask yourself: Do I really have enough impact? Is what I spend my time on really contributing enough to climate protection? Will we solve the climate crisis with what I'm doing here, among other things?

If you ask yourself these questions, you are certainly part of the solution. Because with this high awareness of your effect, you are in a position where you already have more of an overview than many others.

All your knowledge and intuition, all the energy you bring to bear for climate protection, for more sustainability in business, for more scope in strategic and political decisions - that's what the world needs. We need people like you to actively shape change.

It's often quite a bit of work from the idea to implementation. The path is characterized by conversations, because:

With what you say, you change the world.

How well do you already speak plain language?

Have you already developed your own language for sharing your thoughts with others? How do you manage to persuade forcefully on the one hand and to communicate cooperatively on the other? Which metaphor sets belong to you and make you stand out? Which consciously chosen stylistic devices are typical for you and for which you are appreciated?

With your words, you open up a new perception to others about how our actions on the job influence global change. Wouldn't it be wonderful if in meetings, workshops or lectures you not only shared professional expertise, but also inspiration for a new, more intense perception of our planet and the wonders of nature?

Language changes the world

Since completing my studies as a communication scientist M.A. about 20 years ago, I know how important it is to find the right words. Whether written or spoken, language changes the world. One way or another. And because we have a lot to change with the climate crisis and countless injustices in our global village, as we affectionately call it, I put my heart and soul into being a Climate & Communication Coach.

For people like you who want to change the world. So that you increase your impact, every day anew.

Climate & Communication Coaching - your path

As a coach I am your companion on the way to the next level. So that you can take a more forceful stand in meetings. So that you can establish yourself as a "person of leadership qualities" at the same time. Being a leader is not defined by the number of employees, but first and foremost by the effect you have on others.

So that your commitment to climate protection has a real impact.

Melanie Peschel

Why I am the right coach for your professional development

As an executive and management coach focused on improving performance in the development of a sustainable economy in all dimensions (ecological, social, economic), I accompany my clients in confidential discussions on their professional development issues related to leadership questions.

After more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of strategy and communication consulting, my encounters with numerous CEOs, top management in companies, NGOs as well as with representatives from public administration such as ministries at federal and state level have given me comprehensive insights into the most diverse work cultures and endowed me with profound knowledge of human nature. My proven strengths are empathy and strategic foresight as well as the joy of listening.

I am someone who is always developing professionally - there is not a year in which I have not taken further training: University Course to become a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Digital Leadership Manager, Business and Executive Coach, Climate and Biodiversity Coaching Course - to name a few.

These qualities make me your first Climate & Communication Coach. I am already curious about your ideas where you want to improve.

Proven methods for your jump to the next level

The 1:1 coaching I offer is very closely aligned with the methods defined in training curricula of further education institutions for business and executive coaching. My training institutes were the University of Cape Town and coaches of the international Climate Coaching Alliance. Most important to know for your coaching session:

  • Climate Coachings are periods for your agenda and topics
  • It's exclusively about your reflections - the coaching session is your personal stage
  • Through methodical questioning techniques I guide your thought reflection through the coaching session
  • I focus short, concentrated sessions: 25 minutes that will change your perspective.
Melanie Peschel